Rasmus Pank Roulund Coffee & Coding Chronicles

On recording video lectures

I was supposed to have presented some lectures at the university, but due to covid-19 they are now to be recorded as videos. Fortunately, in the age of Twich and youtube, there are pretty good options for recording lectures. I ended up using obs Studio and Pympress for recording lectures.

Beamer notes snippet

No-fuss Beamer notes that work with xelatex

Fixing the Thinkpad W530 memory card reader on Linux

My Thinkpad W530 memory card reader has been reporting errors with my sd uhs-I card. Worrisome! However, it seems to be a bug in the Kernel (v. 4.10.6 on Archlinux) that can be “fixed” with a modprobe.

Pretty Org babel blocks

I show how to use prettify-symbols-mode to display Org Babel blocks as something like this:


where “☰” expands to the header arguments of the block as shown in the picture.

Fun with css and Bacon

Bacon is fun. css is fun. Here’s some old experiments combining the two!

Blogging with Org

I have been revamping my site to leverage Org fully. It is automatically build with Gitlab ci and uploaded to Gitlab Pages whenever I push a new commit via git. Gitlab Pages and ci was what finally made Org desirable for websites, as I don’t have to worry about keeping those dreaded html files up to date.